Ultimate Guide to TikTok Business Center & How Marketing Agencies Can Use it (2024)

Do you consider yourself an expert in TikTok’s innovative digital marketing ecosystem?

If you aren’t utilizing TikTok Business Center, that claim may not be warranted just yet.

With over 1.1 billion users, TikTok has seen tremendous growth in engagement, making the popular platform a rapidly growing social media giant.

As traffic surges, so do the myriad marketing features that present unique opportunities for agencies to connect with their clients’ target audiences creatively.

TikTok Business Center is the ultimate tool for any agency looking to tap into TikTok’s collaborative potential.

In this ultimate guide to TikTok Business Center, we will explore what TikTok Business Center is, why your agency needs it, and various ways to make the most of the platform to impress your clients. 😄

What is TikTok Business Center?

TikTok Business Center is a powerful centralized tool designed to help brands manage, track, and optimize advertising campaigns from a single hub.

The platform comes with several key features that can streamline your journey on TikTok for Business:

1. Performance Tracking and Audience Insights

Immediate access to ad campaign analytics can provide you with an accurate understanding of how your content is performing.

2. Enhanced Collaboration

Seamless collaboration with internal team members and external partners when working on complex tasks such as ad campaigns and finance management.

3. Asset Centralization

Increase efficiency by accessing TikTok ad accounts, custom audiences, catalogs, and Pixels from the same place.

4. Permissions Management

Control who can access your assets and choose what users can do with them to ensure a secure workflow.

Setting up a TikTok Business Center is easy!

Simply fill in some details about your business and authorize TikTok for Business to access your TikTok account.

Still not sure about the signing up process?

Find out more: How to Create a TikTok Business Center Account

How Can Agencies Benefit from TikTok Business Center?

Commonly confused for a TikTok Ads Manager, the Business Center is in fact not the same!🫢

A TikTok Ads Manager account lets you create and manage ads, whereas a TikTok Business Center account offers access to multiple ad accounts in one platform.

To get the best of both worlds, you can simply create a TikTok Ads Manager account through the Business Center.

Take a look at our guide on how to create a TikTok Advertiser account through the Business Center here!

While most brands can benefit from TikTok Business Center, agencies will find this all-in-one platform particularly useful for their marketing needs, as it offers direct solutions to commonly faced issues.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features and functionalities that can greatly benefit agencies:

1. Streamlined Access to TikTok Ad Accounts

TikTok Business Center provides a unified platform for overseeing multiple ad accounts. This means that a single sign-in can be used to access all your managed ad accounts.

Agencies can benefit from this centralized hub, as they can organize all their clients’ assets in one place.

2. Control Over User and Asset Management

TikTok Business Center offers different tools that can make user access quick and simple. With a variety of roles, only admins can assign, edit, and revoke user permissions; making this a secure environment to give access to important assets.

Both agencies and clients will be able to view who made any changes to the ad accounts, creating an environment of mutual trust, collaboration, and transparency- arguably the most important qualities of a successful client-agency relationship!

3. Access to Insights and Reports

The Overview tab provides in-depth performance reports across all ad accounts. Users can also filter results to focus on specific client ad accounts.

Agencies can benefit from these analytics by making data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

User Management on TikTok Business Center

The platform offers multiple user management features that allow agencies to effectively assign roles and control permissions.

Under the Users tab, you can manage invitations to individual users and business centers, as well as determine who has access to what assets.

There are two types of users:

1. Members

These are individuals from your internal team that you can invite to work together.

You can invite up to 4000 members, with a maximum of 20 Admin roles and 3,980 Standard roles.

When a user is invited to your Business Center, it is essential to assign them a role and grant them permission to manage the assets you want them to have access to.

There are different types of roles, and they ensure that members can have access to features that are relevant to their role.

i.e. A Finance Analyst will need access to payment records and invoices.

Roles in the Business Center are divided into Basic and Advanced:

  • Basic roles are separated into Admin and Standard.

Admins have complete control of the Business Center, which means that they can determine access to assets, member, and settings. These members are usually account directors or media supervisors.

It is recommended that you always have more than one admin to guarantee a streamlined workflow in the case of one admin getting locked out of their account or leaving the company.

Standard users are allocated to specific ad accounts and/or other assets to work on.

Every single member of the Business Center must be assigned to a basic role.

  • Advanced roles are divided into Finance Analysts and Finance Managers.

Finance Analysts can view, export, and download payment transaction records for ad accounts owned or created by the Business Center.

Finance Managers can do all of the above, as well as make payments, top up accounts and modify billing information.

Advanced permissions are optional and are added on top of the basic level permissions. This means that even the Admins will need to be assigned to an Advanced role for them to have access to the Finance features.

Want to know how to invite a new member to your TikTok Business Center? Simply go on the Users tab and click on Members.

Ultimate Guide to TikTok Business Center & How Marketing Agencies Can Use it (1)

Go to Invite Members, enter their email, and choose the permission level you would like to assign to them.

Ultimate Guide to TikTok Business Center & How Marketing Agencies Can Use it (2)

If they do not receive your invitation, you can simply click Resend and they should be emailed with a second invitation. Alternatively, you can copy the invitation link and manually send it to them.

2. Partners

These are external Business Centers that are linked to yours.

While inviting members is great for assigning specific assets to your internal team, when working with a client it is recommended that you opt for a partnership.

Linking your client’s Business Center to yours means that you can share assets with each other in bulk and closely oversee permission access.

This is beneficial for two reasons:

  • Assets can be shared without exposing your agency’s work chart and other confidential information
  • Each partner is responsible for authorizing access to members of their own team- gone are the days you have to authorize dozens of access requests from members of external organizations!

To invite a partner, simply click on Users>Partners>Add Partner.

Ultimate Guide to TikTok Business Center & How Marketing Agencies Can Use it (3)

NOTE: Only admins can invite a partner and share assets on TikTok Business Center.

Enter your partner’s Business Center ID and click Next.

Ultimate Guide to TikTok Business Center & How Marketing Agencies Can Use it (4)

Finally, choose which ad accounts and assets you want to share with your partner and assign a role to them.

These will be available to view on their own Business Center.

BONUS: Email Allowlist is a recent feature that allows users to manage access by limiting it to a designated email domain. Ultimately, the purpose is to prevent unauthorized inclusion of members, or even fraudulent behavior.

Finance Management on TikTok Business Center

A TikTok Business Center account offers financial management to help those assigned to advanced roles (financial managers and analysts) efficiently track spending and topping up payment for ad accounts.

It has been established that the Business Center is an all-in-one inclusive partner.

This means that agencies can:

  • Adjust balance for ad accounts owned by the Business Center
  • Gain access to payment information for ad accounts managed by the corresponding Business Center
  • View total account balance for the Business Center
  • Check on payment status of invoices
  • Pay invoices from a single location

NOTE: Finance Management is only available for managed accounts that use monthly invoicing and automatic payment.

A Valuable Feature: Billing Sharing

This feature enables clients to manage payment and billing responsibilities for ad accounts that are not owned by their Business Center.

This means that both clients and agencies can share payment liabilities while maintaining access over their ad campaigns.

As this functionality simplifies financial management for multiple stakeholders, it can foster collaboration.

Asset Management on TikTok Business Center

Assets refer to different resources that are crucial for the activation of marketing campaigns.

Under the Assets tab, you will find a centralized space for all the assets you will need for successful marketing strategies.

The Business Center’s extensive asset management system is ideal for agencies looking to utilize effective tools to grow their campaigns.

What Asset Types can be found in the Business Center?

  • Ad accounts
  • Pixels
  • Audience
  • TikTok accounts
  • Shops
  • Catalogs

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Let’s take a look at the functions of Ad accounts and Pixel Sharing:

Ad Accounts

As discussed earlier, setting up an Advertiser Account is possible outside of the Business Center. However, agencies will greatly benefit from having the power to manage and gain access to multiple Ads Manager and TikTok for Business accounts.

The best part? All on the same platform!

To access those benefits in just a few clicks, it is advised that you set up your Ads account through the TikTok Business Center.

However, if your client already has a TikTok Ad account set up, you can add it to your Business Center by requesting access.

Find out more: How to Add a TikTok Ad Account to a Business Center

BONUS: Spark Ads are an ad service that boosts organic TikTok posts as paid ads, increasing engagement for your clients.

To access this feature, you need to have a TikTok Ads Manager AND a TikTok business account.

To deal with the complications that arise from individually requesting access to dozens of accounts, the Business Center allows you to get authorization to many business and Ads Manager accounts from one platform- eliminating the unnecessary back and forth that comes with new clients.

TikTok Pixel Sharing

A TikTok Pixel is a small piece of code that tracks user actions and measures the effectiveness of your ads.

In other words, it is a must for agencies looking to optimize their ad campaigns!

If you don’t already know how to install a TikTok Pixel, make sure to check out the following step-by-step guide:

What Is a TikTok Pixel and How to Install it?

Pixel Sharing is a Business Center feature that allows you to link a single TikTok Pixel to multiple Ad and Business Center accounts.

This offers several advantages:

  • Simplified campaign tracking, as user behavior is monitored from a single location
  • Improved page loading speed, as multiple Pixels for different accounts can cause your page to slow down

How to Request Access to TikTok Business Center

If you are looking to request access to your clients’ assets, you can click on Assets>Advertiser Accounts>Request Access.

However, this process will only get you view access.

Most agencies need access in order to run ads on their clients’ TikTok accounts.

The process to get access to more permissions requires you to generate a QR code, share it with your client and wait for them to scan it with their TikTok app and give you access to run their ads.

This back-and-forth can slow down workflow and cause unnecessary delays in collaboration.

Good news!

With Leadsie you can use a single link to get access to your clients’ marketing assets.

Saving you from the hassle of the unnecessary back and forth emails, all you have to do is send them your unique link, and wait for them to grant you access.

It’s that simple!😎

Here’s how it works:

FUN FACT: ChiroCandy Marketing saves over 7 hours in onboarding calls every month!

All because of Leadsie’s magic link.😉

Find out more about their thoughts on Leadsie here.

Final Thoughts

TikTok Business Center is a comprehensive tool for collaborating with numerous stakeholders, while still maintaining control of your data.

With features such as their asset management capabilities, agencies can manage multiple accounts from a centralized hub that ensures the right users have the appropriate access.

Leadsie is a great tool to improve client onboarding experience by getting access to client’s TikTok accounts in just a few clicks.

Try it out with a 14-day FREE trial by entering your email below! 👇🎉

Ultimate Guide to TikTok Business Center & How Marketing Agencies Can Use it (2024)


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